Guidelines for glacier fluctuation data

Measurement of glacier front variations

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Measurement of glacier mass balance from glaciological and geodetic methods

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Mass balance terminology

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More guidelines on glacier fluctuations as well as the current data submission form can be found on the WGMS website!

Guidelines for the World Glacier Inventory (mainly based on aerial photography and maps)

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Guidelines for the Glacier Inventory of the GLIMS initiative (mainly based on satellite images)

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More GLIMS literature can be found on the GLIMS website!

Based on the glacier inventory standards above, recommendations and requirements for satellite-based components of cryospheric monitoring have been derived, published, and updated in:

  • GCOS (2006): Systematic observation requirements for satellite-based products for climate. Supplemental details to the satellite-based component of the “Implementation Plan for the Global Observing System for Climate in Support of the UNFCCC”, Report GCOS-107 (WMO/TD No. 1338), September 2006. 90p. [pdf]
  • GTOS (2006): Global Terrestrial Observing System Biennial Report 2004-2005. GTOS-40. [pdf]
  • GTOS (2008): Terrestrial essential climate variables for climate change assessment, mitigation and adaptation. GTOS-52. [pdf]
  • IGOS (2007): IGOS Cryosphere theme For the Monitoring of our Environment from Space and from Earth. May 2007. 122p. [pdf]
  • WMO (2023): Guide to instruments and methods of observation. Vol II – measurement of cryospheric variables. World Meteorological Organization, Geneva, Switzerland: 96. [pdf]


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