The GTN-G, through its operational bodies, implements the global observation strategy for the Essential Climate Variable “glaciers and ice caps” by compiling and disseminating standardized observations and methods on glacier distribution and their changes.

The main tasks of GTN-G are to :

  • collect and publish standardized data on glacier fluctuations at five-year intervals,
  • prepare a bulletin reporting mass balance data of selected reference glaciers and ice caps at two-year intervals,
  • manage and upgrade the existing inventory of glaciers and ice caps,
  • encourage the use of satellite observations to reach global coverage of glaciers and ice caps, and
  • periodically assess ongoing changes.

The GTN-G strives to combine (a) in-situ observations with remotely sensed data, (b) local understand of glacier processes with global coverage and (c) traditional measurements with new technologies by using an integrated and multi-level monitoring strategy.

last change 6/12/2022