steering committee

The GTN-G Steering Committee was established to coordinate, support, and advise the WGMS, the NSIDC, and the GLIMS initiative regarding the monitoring of the ‘Essential Climate Variable’ (ECV) “glaciers and ice caps”. It consists of:

  • an Executive Board that is responsible for (i) developing and implementing the international observation strategy for glaciers and ice caps, (ii) providing standards for the monitoring of glacier fluctuations (e.g., length change, mass balance) and inventories, and (iii) compiling and distributing such information in a standardized form.
  • an Advisory Board under the leadship of the International Association of Cryospheric Sciences (IACS) that will (i) support, (ii) consult, and (iii) periodically evaluate the work of the Executive Board and its three operational bodies regarding the monitoring of glaciers and ice caps.

For more details see the official document describing the generic structure and the Terms of Reference of the GTN-G Steering Committee.

GTN-G generic structure and terms of reference

GTN-G organigramm

For current officers of the Executive Board and members of the Advisory Board see contact.

last change 6/12/2022