Internationally collected, standardized dataset on glacier distribution, mainly based on satellite observations (e.g. Terra/ASTER, LANDSAT/ETM+). Data organized as tabular information linked to digital vector outlines of individual glaciers.

Creator: Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS) Glacier Inventory

Publisher: US National Snow and Ice Data Center

First Publication Year: 2005

(Last) Publication Year: 2013

Release Date: 2013-03-13

Update Intervals: periodically

Citation: GLIMS, and NSIDC. 2005, updated 2012. GLIMS Glacier Database. [indicate subset used]. Boulder, Colorado USA: National Snow and Ice Data Center.

Related Publication: Kargel, J.S., M. J. Abrams, M. P. Bishop, A. Bush, G. Hamilton, H. Jiskoot, A. Kääb, H. H. Kieffer, E. M. Lee, F. Paul, F. Rau, B. Raup, J. F. Shroder, D. Soltesz, L. Stearns, R. Wessels and the GLIMS Consortium (2005): Multispectral imaging contributions to Global Land Ice Measurements from Space, Remote Sensing of Environment, 99 (1/2): 187–219.

Contributors: GLIMS scientific collaboration network as listed on the GLIMS website and in the database:

Language: English

Data Format: ESRI Shapefile

Data Size: 130 MB

Rights: Open access for scientific and educational purposes under requirement of correct citation (see above)

Spatial Coverage: global

Temporal Coverage: 1870-2010

Identifier (DOI): 10.7265/N5V98602

Related Identifier (DOI): na

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