data policy

A basic requirement for advancing research is free and unrestricted international sharing of high-quality, long-term, and standardized data and information products. The International Council for Science (ICSU) endorses as a general policy the fundamental principal of full and open exchange of data and information for scientific and educational purposes.

Within GTN-G, a one-year retention period is granted to allow investigators time to properly analyze, document, and publish their data before submitting them in standardized format to the GTN-G operational bodies such as WGMS, NSIDC; and GLIMS. All data submitted to GTN-G are considered public domain for non-commercial use and are made digitally available through the operational services at no cost.

The data may be subject to errors and inaccuracies. GTN-G, therefore, strongly recommends performing data quality checks and, in cases of ambiguities, contacting the corresponding operational body as well as the investigators and sponsoring agencies of the data.

The use of data and information from GTN-G requires acknowledgement of the GTN-G operational body (WGMS, NSIDC, GLIMS) and/or the original investigators and sponsoring agencies according to the available meta-information.

last change 24/09/2015