Internationally collected, standardized dataset on changes in glaciers (length, area, volume, mass), based on in-situ and remotely sensed observations, as well as on reconstructions.

DOI for scientific data (Identifier): 10.5904/wgms-fog-2014-09

Creator: World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS)

Title: Fluctuations of Glaciers Database

Publisher: World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS)

PublicationYear: 2014

Release date: 2014-09-19

Citation: WGMS (2014): Fluctuations of Glaciers Database. World Glacier Monitoring Service, Zurich, Switzerland. DOI:10.5904/wgms-fog-2014-09. Online access:http://dx.doi.org/10.5904/wgms-fog-2014-09

Related publications:

WGMS (2013): Glacier Mass Balance Bulletin No. 12 (2010-2011). Zemp, M., Nussbaumer, S.U., Naegeli, K., Gärtner-Roer, I., Paul, F., Hoelzle, M. and Haeberli, W. (eds.), ICSU (WDS) / IUGG (IACS) / UNEP / UNESCO / WMO, World Glacier Monitoring Service, Zurich, Switzerland: 106 pp., publication based on database version:doi:10.5904/wgms-fog-2013-11.

WGMS (2012): Fluctuations of Glaciers 2005-2010 (Vol. X): Zemp, M., Frey, H., Gärtner-Roer, I., Nussbaumer, S.U., Hoelzle, M., Paul, F. & W. Haeberli (eds.), ICSU (WDS)/ IUGG (IACS)/ UNEP/ UNESCO/ WMO, World Glacier Monitoring Service, Zurich, Switzerland. Based on database version doi: 10.5904/wgms-fog-2012-11.

Contributors: WGMS scientific collaboration network of national correspondents and principal investigators as listed in the related publications above.

Language: English

Data format: csv-file, zipped

Data size: 1.5 MB

Rights: Open access for scientific and educational purposes under requirement of correct citation (see above)

Spatial coverage: global

Temporal coverage: 1535-2012 AD

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